We were told to believe in the banking system and in the financial markets as is and leave it to the professionals which should take care of our money and saving while all we need to do is paying them a management fee for their services and expertise.

This management fee now days became a multi billion dollar business globally while the banks and investment houses wish to keep the fee for them salves of course.

Unfortunately to the banks, technology came in place now allowing us the retail traders and investors to see, review and choose successful traders from all around the world to manage our money and savings with out the management fee mentioned above.

Don’t forget that billions of dollars are managed globally every day for all of us, every fund, pension fund and even the basic saving fund are eventually managed by someone.
Each corporate manage client funds have what is called a fund manager and the fund manager responsibility is to manager our money in that fund by buying and selling stocks, futures, bonds and other traded assets.

Those fund managers handling the most important asset in our lives – our money and savings, however as weird as it may sound, you have never met or will meet in the future the fund manager responsible, you won’t even know who he is. The fund manager can be replaced several time without you knowing the person responsible for your fund success was moved away and there is a new guy now handle the fund…
This is the reason many funds are unstable, lack with transparency and they are pretty expensive.

How social trading can assist us? By gaining control with full transparency over our savings and money while maximizing our returns and reducing costs.


Real alternative for bank funds and institutional money managers

Fund managers usually work at a bank or a fund and by introducing traders to investors the bank and funds charge us high commissions and fee’s. Social trading cuts the middle man (bank or other financial institution) and provide you direct access to the secret community of professional traders and fund managers most people are dreaming to meet and trade with.

In general, unlike the banks and classic funds, social trading provides you to enjoy the key points of having a successful portfolio – Transparency, reduced costs, full control and easy to use platforms.


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